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Sewer Scope 

A sewer line scope inspection, or plumbing scope inspection, is fairly simple. A professional inspector will use a flexible borescope camera, which will allow them to see and record video of your pipes.

A Sewer Scope performed on an average home is $450.00

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Sewer Scope

The camera will be run through the home’s main drainpipe and maneuver its way throughout the sewer lines. Your inspector will be looking for any visible cracks, damages or clogs, and will report any structural damage or health risks that come from your sewers.


A drain inspection can take anywhere from a few minutes to half an hour, but it’ll depend on how large your home’s sewer system is and what the issues are.


You should plan on a plumbing scope inspection before purchasing your dream home, and plan to have them done routinely as your home gets older.


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