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Man inspecting garage attic. Male homeowner climbing wooden pull down attic ladder stairs.

Wind Mitigation

When obtaining homeowner’s insurance, your insurance carrier will require a wind mitigation inspection as a condition of approval. If you live in an older home, obtaining a wind mitigation inspection can substantially reduce your insurance premium. A wind mitigation inspection assesses the vulnerability of your dwelling to high wind events such as hurricanes. Implementing wind mitigation measures can help lower your homeowner’s insurance premium. It may even increase your property value.

A Wind Mitigation Inspection performed on an average home is $125.00

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A licensed home inspector will conduct a complete walk-through of your home, inspecting the structural components that will be impacted the most during a high wind event. These areas of inspection include:

Roofing: We will evaluate the roof and roof deck, including the shape, roofing materials, installation, condition, and age to determine if it is strong enough to remain intact during a strong storm or hurricane.

Framing: A wind mitigation inspection also includes reviewing the structural framing, including the walls, and if it is well-secured to the foundation to withstand high winds without collapsing.

Garage: Since the garage is very susceptible to wind damage, a wind mitigation expert will review its construction, door materials, and mounting brackets to determine if it has the strength to withstand heavy winds.

Windows and Doors: The windows and doors of a home can be blown out during heavy winds like a hurricane or tornado. We will check these areas to determine their ability to withstand a high wind event.

Wind mitigation protects your home against damage that can occur during high-velocity wind conditions. Florida law requires insurance carriers to provide discounts to homeowners that make wind mitigation improvements to their home. When you implement certain wind mitigation features, you may be eligible for credits that lower your homeowner’s insurance premium when you have a certified wind mitigation inspection.

Here are some of the common wind mitigation features homeowners can implement:

  • Impact windows and doors

  • Wind load garage doors

  • Hurricane shutters

  • Wind-resistant roofing

  • Roof to foundation anchoring

The home inspector will provide you with a wind mitigation report. The report will identify the areas that were evaluated and provide an analysis of its findings. It will list the wind mitigation features that currently exist in your home and identify the structural components that do not have wind mitigation features.

You will receive a wind mitigation certificate to provide to your insurance company so you can receive a credit for any wind mitigation features that were found. You can earn additional homeowner’s insurance discounts by installing other wind mitigation features. Since the premium credits can be substantial, adding wind mitigation features can save you money.  It will also make your home less vulnerable to strong winds.


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